Our Process

Built For Success

Bright Rock Quality Large Cap Philosophy

We build our portfolios with high-quality companies that deliver strong, stable earnings consistency. Our selection process starts with our proprietary quality screening metrics, followed by rigorous quantitative research and complimented with a disciplined bottom-up fundamental analysis.

Bright Rock Mid Cap Growth Philosophy

We believe in constructing well diversified portfolios of high quality companies with solid financials, seasoned management and sustainable distinct advantages.

We believe in a bottom up, fundamental research effort aimed at identifying companies with attractive earnings growth prospects. We believe that attractive earnings growth prospects are the critical driver for stock price appreciation.

COMMITMENT We buy companies as a result of deep fundamental research based on 10+ years of mid cap portfolio management expertise. While we are aware of the trends and sector considerations that may impact an opportunity over the short term, we are investing in companies that we believe in and want to invest in for the long term. Diligent, hands on analysis has been the driver of our process for more than a decade.
DISCIPLINE Regardless of how much we may like a particular company, a solid balance sheet is our golden rule. We seek high quality companies first and foremost; companies with the balance sheets and demonstrated discipline and commitment to reinvest, to maximize technology, to be in-business over the long term.
GROWTH We seek real, organic growth; not growth by acquisition. We invest in companies that are driven to deliver the best possible products to the market, never resting on old ideas nor growing solely through often uncompelling acquisitions. Ideally, profits drive R&D, applied technology and market leadership.